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Welcome @ White Care Pvt. Ltd.

Whitecare offer world class products & finest quality POP of international standards to our valued customers.

Quality Control The primary criteria that differentiates Whitecare from other brand names available in the market is its finest quality. Developed using advanced technology, the finest raw materials like gypsum and others and strict quality control procedures, our brand name has become a known name in several commercial and industrial entities.A

Above all, different process parameters for complete batch-to-batch consistency are recorded under our quality control procedures.

For us, quality means:

  • The ultra-white colour of our plaster products is an expression of their absolute purity.

  • Wider coverage area with less quantity of POP is provided by our platers, which makes it highly economical and viable option for renovation.

  • Resistant to shrinkage, cracking or warping and it stays firm and smooth after gradual setting.

  • Slow setting time due to the premium quality and branded nature.

  • More convenient and efficient in application and gradual setting of the plaster means longer life of the finished plaster.

  • Finest quality that makes for your once-in-a-lifetime investment

Packaged to your Advantage Tamper-proof and weatherproof packaging of all the Whitecare products guarantees no loss of material, or its quality or efficiency, during transit. Moreover, thoroughly inspected and approved products can be delivered on time, at client's desired and specified location, while adhering to dispatch schedules.


Integrated Services Our company also offers integrated services, which include complete POP solutions and product application services. A dedicated team of experts is provides extensive support like: site inspection, masons and craftsmen are also provided for this purpose.A

Useful recommendation about the right material choice and best application techniques, trouble-shooting for any problems that can occur during the process are also well attended by us.A